Sunday, August 14, 2011

Birthday Fun Part 2: The Pirate Parrrrty!

And now for the parrrrty! Jesstine had a blast and was so stinkin' tired by the end of the day! There were a LOT of people who came to support her for her birthday! It was nice to see how many people other than myself and Stephen love this little girl! Here is a little idea of the party scene!

Pirate Booty! (party favors)

"Okay, where's my cake already?!"

The "kid table."

I gave the guests their pirate booty bags thinking that they would appreciate opening their own gifts while Jesstine opened hers. Umm, not so much! It was difficult for her daddy to even get a single picture of what she was opening....or see for himself for that matter.

A Cinderella coach with horses, mice, and even a fairy godmother! Thank you Rainbow, Konrad and Kristina!
A Shockers' cheerleading dress. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Griffee.
Some word and counting puzzles and this came with a dress, some CHOCOLATE (she screamed it out when she opened the card), and a "Hungry Hungry Caterpillar" (Very Hungry Caterpillar) card! Thank you Johnna and Kara!!!
An Ariel dress, handbag, necklace, ring and gloves! Thank you Aunt Grace, Uncle Murray, Conrad, Lexi, and Charis! (They traveled from Oklahoma just to be here for my birthday celebration!)
A real camera from Aunt Jenni, Uncle Seth, Noah, Ian and Connor! This was in a box on the doorstep when we got back from seeing Ariel. (I put it in a bag for her so she would have more fun opening it!)
Puzzles from Mommy and Daddy.
A book and an Aquadoodle from her best friend Kylie (also Kelly, Matt and Carter).
All of her party guests!

Some of the kids dressed as a pirate using the decorations from the table as well as their eye patch from their goodie bags! This is my niece, Charis. She is a month and a half younger than Jesstine!
This is my other niece, Lexi (Alexis).

Jesstine's best friend, Kylie (who turned three a few weeks ago).

This is Loyd a little guy that we sit behind at hockey games. He came with Auntie Kim, Bridget, and Bryan (friends of the family).

And of course the birthday girl!

A few kids even played pin the eye patch on the pirate. Even Daddy got in on this one! Well, sort of!
The calm after the storm! (I forgot to take a close up of the decorations on the vertical blinds in the back ground! There is a world map shower curtain with a pirate flag banner across the top!)

Stay tuned again for photos from the actual day of Jesstine's birthday as well as an update on who she is at the age of three!

In Him,
The Hutchins

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