Saturday, August 13, 2011

Birthday Fun Part 1

Today was the day that Jesstine has been waiting for since we found out about it two months ago! Today we got to meet Ariel and her friends! Jesstine was super excited. But it was short lived. When the time came, excitement turned to overwhelmed almost the moment we stepped in the doors! I am so thankful that Kylie and her family decided to join us! If it weren't for Kylie's assertiveness, Jesstine would have sat at the table eating goldfish crackers and drinking strawberry HiC the entire hour! (This is of course kind of a role reversal for these two little girls. Last year at Jesstine's birthday party, Kylie spent almost half of the time just watching everyone else play instead of playing along! See HERE.)As it was, Kylie did go with us and they both really had a great time!

Walking into the doors at "Under the Sea."
The tables were decorated with inflatable beach toys. Really cute idea.
This is the actual boat that is used in the Lagoon scene in the theater production of "The Little Mermaid." Wichita is one of three venues in the entire country that have the rights to put on this show this year!
This is one of Scuttle's seagull friends. Notice the look on Jesstine's face! Really, she is saying cheese! She initiated contact with this particular character whereas Kylie initiated all of the other events!
This was cute. Both girls squinted the eye that they were supposed to be looking through the telescope with!

King Triton's throne!
Perfect example of something Jesstine just would NOT do....that is until she saw how much fun Kylie was having doing it! LOL!

Later in the van I asked Jesstine what her favorite part of the whole thing was. She said, "I got to go fishin'!!!"
She caught a mermaid with dark brown hair.....

And Kylie caught a blond one! LOL! (That is the opposite of each other!)
Showing off their catches of the day!
Kelly is trying to coax Jesstine into dancing.
Now she has it!
At the very end, we managed to catch (no pun intended) Flounder for a photo opp! (This little girl is 10 and did a PHENOMINAL job!)
Again, she isn't terrified. She is saying cheese!
And again she is MUCH more confident when Kylie showed up!

Stay tuned for the pictures of her Pirate Parrrrrrty!

In Him,
The Hutchins

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