Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Even A Princess Eats At McDonald's

So, most of the summer, Daddy has had soccer on Tuesday nights. Therefore, most of the summer we have "girl" time and go to McDonald's (Jesstine's favorite) for dinner and then go home for a movie while we eat dinner. Since Jesstine's birthday, this has turned out to be a very amusing experience. Jesstine got a "credit card" (McDonald's Arch Card) for her birthday from Papa. She also got an Ariel (Little Mermaid) dress, gloves, necklace, and purse from Aunt Grace and family. So she has insisted on wearing it every night! Lately, she has wanted to wear it so she can take her "credit card" in her Ariel purse to pay for dinner at McDonald's. Hence the title of this post. I have described this scene for many a loved one of late, so I thought I would grace you all with photographic proof of the cuteness that is, "Princesses Eat At McDonald's!"

Being a princess makes it hard to get in and out of our booster seat. This has caused a tear in the dress, so this will be the last time I allow her to wear it out of the house.
So excited about paying for dinner!
Now for the creme de la creme: the velvety purple glove swiping the "credit card" like a grown up!

Keep your eye out for impostors! None will be NEARLY as cute as the princess that I eat at McDonald's with!

In Him,
The Hutchins

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