Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ponytails, Playdates and more new toys! That's what THIS little girl is made of!

I know I just posted a week ago, but we have had a terrific week of photo opportunities to share with our friends and family! Jesstine is such a joy. I know that the saying is "sugar and spice and everything nice," but to fit our week the title above is more appropriate! See the pictures for further details!

Okay, so I know it looks like she has no hair most of the time. This is my proof that she has a tail in the back! It isn't too long, but it is certainly progress. Yes, that is an Elmo toy beside her!
We have recently been playing with a little girl that we met through a friend at church. Meet Vivi. As you can tell, her and Jesstine look NOTHING alike! They are very close in age though and LOVE each other's toys!

After they played, it seemed like a great day for a walk. So we loaded them up in Jesstine's chariot! It gave me a chance to see what it would be like to have two kids in the bike trailer at once! Vivi wasn't quite sure about this. The book in her lap helped though! No, we didn't do that to her eye. She fell a week ago! Still getting the hang of walking!

Now on to our toys! Jesstine has had this since her birthday, but never showed much interest in it. Lately, I showed her that it converted into a car. Now she LOVES it! She feels a sense of accomplishment by being able to climb onto ride on toys and then back off of them again!

I think she got stuck and is trying to figure out how to get away from the TV. She has mastered the art of going backwards, but forward is yet to come!

She decided that Dumpty would be a great passenger! It is a good thing she is a pillow and used to being squished! That does NOT look comfortable!

And last but not least. This is our latest addition to our toys. Jesstine LOVES to swing! I have tried to take advantage of this great weather and walk to the park almost daily. It is hard to do when I work on my feet all day sometimes. Mom comes over and watches Jesstine on Wednesday mornings while I work. I thought it would be nice for her to enjoy the great weather with Jesstine as well. I also thought it may be too cold to walk all the way to the park and swing this winter. But, if we had a swing of our own, we could enjoy it here at home for those days that we can't make it to the park. I had seen these in the store, but wasn't trilled about the color. It is okay for a girl to ride in a blue swing, but a boy in a pink swing (if we have a boy in the future if we even have another child someday). Also, if you know me, I really didn't even tolerate pink until my first child was born! I decided it didn't matter! So, here it is! Stephen kindly installed some hooks for us in two places so we have the option to change the scenery. Jesstine also thought it would be nice to invite her favorite neighbor boys over to show it to them. (Jesstine has fallen in love with our new neighbor boys Brandon, 11, and Ryan, 8, and LOVES to have them go to the park with us! They really are such sweet boys! There aren't a lot of those around anymore, especially on our cul-de-sac!
God bless all of you!
Lacie, Stephen, and Jesstine

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Anonymous said...

Your daughter is adorable! We love playdates to so much fun!! I love the pic. in her pink swing. Adorable!! Take care, Ginger