Sunday, September 20, 2009

Latest in Jesstine's World

I was looking back at my blog and noticed it has been a while since I posted pictures of Jesstine! She IS 13 months old now! It is hard to believe! She is still not walking, but she loves pushing stuff around. She can crawl up and down the stairs. She has also recently taken an in video games! Although she only seems to want to play the controller that Mommy has! She is such a beautiful smart girl and I am reminded everyday how blessed I am to have her in my life. She laughs like Elmo on purpose! She grunts like me when she hears me grunt out of frustration (I noticed that my sister and my mom do this too). She is using inflection in her voice even if it is nonsense sounds. She is really excited about dogs and lots of other animals. It is just so fun to see what new things she does each day! Here are a few pictures that we have taken in the last month!

In case you didn't click the link to Stephen's NFL preview, here are the pictures of the beautiful girl that he included! These were actually difficult pictures to get!

This little outfit was a hand-me-down from Jesstine's cousin Lexi! It is SO cute. This picture doesn't do it justice! Thanks Grace for loaning it to us!

She still LOVES Sesame Street. Here she is watching Sesame Street in her Elmo chair!

As you can see, she is a MESS when she eats (much like most kids her age I am sure). I have started to introduce silverware to her in hopes she will soon learn how to use it. She sometimes tries it and other times she sticks the spoon or fork on the food and picks the food up with her fingers to put it in her mouth! It will come sooner or later! Oh, and notice that her utensil is in her left hand. We are really thinking she may be left sided. She seems to lead with her left foot and hand in everything she does! I know some people say that time will tell, and it will. I am excited to see if that will stay true! Stephen's got a left handed grandparent or great grandparent. I have a left handed sister and an uncle who was left handed but was forced to switch when he became school aged.

Yes, that is a Nintendo 64 controller you see in my hands. We are playing Mario Kart 64. It is so exciting!

I have been searching for a girly, cute Cowboys outfit for Jesstine since she recently outgrew her last one. I have really had a lot of trouble! Either I can't find one in her size or they are not seasonally appropriate. I don't know why I didn't think of it before, but I hopped on etsy and was able to find one very quickly! It is SO cute and I love it! I have recently asked the seller if she would be able to make a long sleeved shirt so I can continue to let her wear it in the winter. We will have to see how that goes!

We were wondering when the music gene would hit. It seemed to hit her sister in the womb, but not Jesstine. As of late, she is fascinated with the piano and LOVES to dance and clap to music! I am so excited! We will see where that takes her!

Oh, and she (like her cousin Noah before her, see below) likes to try new and exciting ways to play the keyboard as well.

Wow, notice the uncanny resemblance in the profile of these two cousins too!!!!

As always, we hope you are all doing well!

In Him,
Lacie, Stephen and Jesstine

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