Thursday, July 10, 2008

33 Weeks..Only 4 weeks and 2 days left!

It's us again! We had another appointment with the doctor today. It has been a nerve wrecking week! I barely slept Tuesday night. July 9 is the day that we found out that Babe B. was no longer alive. Little did I know, I had scheduled a doctor's appointment for that same day this year for Jesstine! I was a little anxious to say the least. For the most part things went well. We discussed a birthing plan and talked to the doctor about who Jesstine's doctor would be when she comes into this world. (They gave us a sheet to fill out. There is a section on circumcision. You are supposed to check one of three categories: Would like, No Strong View, or Wish to Avoid. I told the doctor that we wished to avoid circumcision because she is a girl. He had a good laugh at that!) The only thing that didn't go so great is that when he measured my belly, I was a cm short for the week. (The number of cm is supposed to match how many weeks you are into your pregnancy.) He didn't seem concerned. He said it could just be the way she was lying. He also looked at my records and noticed that I hadn't had a fetal growth sonogram since week 20. So, he gave me orders to get one done. That is always done at the office of my PCP. I called my PCP's office directly after I got home and they were able to get me in that day! I was amazed. The results that we know so far are: 1.) Amniotic fluid levels are great. 2.) Placenta looked healthy and in a great place. 3.) Jesstine looked wonderful and was certainly not small! Her measurements calculated that she was actually 6 days ahead and in like the 59th percentile or something! The only measurement I caught out of all of that was that she weighs roughly 5 lbs! She is basically as big as a 34 week old baby. We were very pleased after that visit! What was even more special is that my mom, who is home recovering from surgery, was able to come with us. She was teary and all she could say at first was, "She is SO beautiful!"

So, here are the results of the latest photo shoot! There were times when she wouldn't let us see her face. Then she wouldn't hold her foot still so we could get a good shot of it! Also, she is currently breech again. I am okay with that if she stays that way. The doctor already said he wouldn't do anything to try and turn her. He would opt for a c-section because of what we have been through. There are greater chances of a cord problem when they attempt to turn a baby. Not to mention it hurts a lot! So, here is our glamor girl. I will try to describe the pictures as best as I can for those of you who see nothing but black and white when it comes to these things.

1.) In this first picture, her head is slightly tilted to the side (her head is on the left of the picture) and she has her hand under her chin. It stayed there for most of the procedure. That is why we say she was being a glamour girl! It was as though she was posing! 2.) Her head is tilted backwards and you can see her nose, lips and chin very clearly! This little one has some chubby cheeks! 3.) to the bottom left are her feet, crossed at the ankles. If you start at the top right, you will see her thighs. Follow those down and then you will see her calves. Then her ankles are crossed and her feet are at the bottom left.

1.) These are pretty obvious. They are the bottoms of her feet. The one on the left (which I think is actually her left foot) was always moving, so it was difficult to get a clear picture of her toes. It looks like her second toe curls under her big toe. That is characteristic of her Daddy's feet! 2.) these show her foot, ankle, and calf of both feet. I can't wait to see them playing soccer someday soon!

We hope you and yours are doing well. We are almost there.

Lacie, Stephen and Jesstine

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