Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Play, Snow Day!

We have had our first snow here in Wichita! School was still in session, but it happened to fall on my day off, so I got to enjoy it with my little one! I was going to create my own version of her one of her favorite books, Snow Bugs, but I didn't have the right pictures! Perhaps if she goes out again after nap, I will be able to come up with something to that effect! Until then, enjoy the pictures I did get, including the new header! Not quite as good as last year, but snow is no longer a new thing to her like it was last year. It is just as exciting though!

Poor Dumpty! She wanted to join us so badly!

Snow picture of 2011!

Jesstine's attempt at a snow angel! She didn't like the snow falling in her face.

Trying her hardest to make a snowball! (Not the right kind of snow! Far too powdery!)

Throwing said snowball.

Much like Randy on "A Christmas Story" she often fell and couldn't get back up!

Still trying for the perfect showball!

Mommy thought this would be a great photo-op. Jesstine wasn't buying it!

She was very concerned when we went to her playhouse and her phone was covered in snow! Here she is rescuing it!

Mommy's snow angel.

After snow hot cocoa!

Stay warm!
The Hutchins

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