Saturday, January 8, 2011

Favorite Things

No raindrops or roses here. Actually snow is on the way tomorrow. One of our favorite things to do as a family is to go to Thunder Hockey games. Tonight was a very special game because it was Thunder Dog's (the Wichita Thunder's mascot) birthday! Jesstine has liked Thunder Dog since she first started going to hockey games outside of the womb. At each game she spends most of her time searching for Thunder Dog. We were wise not to tell her we were going until AFTER her nap. She slept until just after 5. When I woke her up, I told her where we were going. She said (in a half asleep voice), "An Uncle Seff, Noah and Ian gunna come!" Then I told her it was Thunder Dog's birthday. She said, "We sing 'Happy Birfday' to Funder Dog." Needless to say, she was excited and wanted to go right away. So here are a few shots (with my NEW camera nonetheless) of the game tonight. I have to add that for the last 10 games or so that we have attended, the Thunder have NOT won! Tonight was a different story...thankfully! And thank you to Kim (Auntie Kim) for the great tickets and especially for Jesstine's new favorite toy, Thunder Dog!

Saying cheese and getting ready for the game to start.

LOVING my new camera and the great picture I got of the first goal in the game!

Jesstine's favorite dog, Thunder Dog.

FIGHT! FIGHT! We have been to many a game lately where the officials didn't allow much fighting (which if you didn't know is a part of hockey). Tonight was NOT one of those nights. There were three fights when as we were trying to leave the building in the last moments of the game! DEFINITELY not a dissapointment.

This was the beginning of the third period, but it was the same score as we were leaving.

I think Dumpty likes Thunder Dog too!

She liked what she saw when she came to bed!

One tired girl snuggled up to her favorite things!

In Him,

The Hutchins

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