Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jesstine's Birthday

Last Saturday was Jesstine's REAL birthday! We are so excited to have a two year-old despite the bad rap they get! She has hit some emotionally charged patches, but for the most part she is still our laid back sweetheart we brought home from the hospital 2 years ago! For her birthday we invited some friends and family for one of her favorite things...swimming! That wasn't all that we did. We invited people to come over as early as 8:30 and we had swimming pools (baby pools), sidewalk chalk, basketball, soccer, and any outdoor activity we could come up with. Then we decided to go inside at about 9:45ish and enjoy cake and open presents. Here is a photo recap of the day. Of course both of us parents were busy with the party, so there are no present opening pictures, but her daddy got plenty of video. Maybe sometime soon we can post some of that video. Until then here are the pictures we do have.

We had this assembled in the living room so she could see it when she woke up. When she saw it she pointed and excitedly said, "MOTORCYCLE!!!"
Here we are taking it for a spin before our guests arrived.

Also testing the slide before the guests came.

And here are some of her guests! This is my nephew Ian and our friend, Kristina, who we babysit.

Here is Jesstine's best friend Kylie (and Kylie's grandma right next to her). She sat on this slide for quite a while. She kinda has to get used to people and her environment before she plays. She was on here for about 15 min. before she actually went down the slide.

Here is Jesstine's uncle, Seth, playing basketball with her cousin Noah and friend (who we babysit), Konrad.

This is one of the few pictures of Connor, Jesstine's cousin, NOT on the tricycle! He really liked the tricycle! He thankfully likes soccer too!

Another picture of the two pool guests! And on the left is our good friend and babysitter, Kara.

More party guests (Kristina, Ian, Konrad, Jason, Grandpa, Johnna, Kara and Uncle Greg).

This was post party. She got a lot of dollhouse stuff, so that was the first thing that she played with after her guests left.

One of MY favorite presents that she got was a quilt made by her Great Aunt Sandra. There was also a smaller quilt for her baby doll! SO cute! It will match her princess room perfectly. Pictures on that to come when it is complete. Still have some wall hangings to put in there and a ceiling fan.

And this is the partier, POOPED! She went to bed for her nap at the normal time and slept over the usual time! We had to wake her up and even when I did, this is what I saw! She was SLEEPY!!!

This is the shirt I had intended to have her wear for her party! It arrived about 10 min. after the guests had all left! Oh well! She got to wear it to her grandmom's house later that day and to church the next day.

More on the two year-old in the next post!

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