Thursday, May 14, 2009

9 Months!

Well, Jesstine has reached the 9 month mark. She actually started wearing the 12 month (which is for 9-12 months in case you didn't know) clothing a couple weeks ago, or would have if it was warm enough yet! I will be glad when she warms up so she can start wearing clothes that fit her!!! We are also into size 4 diapers! She has started to have to use an overnight diaper too because of leaks. I guess you can say she is full of it!

She is such a cutie! The other day I saw her asleep in her crib and realized just how big she is getting! She now takes up nearly 2/3 of the bed. Before it seemed like she took up maybe half or a little less! You never know what position she is going to be in! 9 times out of 10 she ends up on her belly, just like Mommy! We went to her 9 month Well Baby exam today. It came at the perfect time because she has really been extra irritable lately. She will cry for no reason and I don't mean just a fuss. She will actually cry with tears! That is unusual for her! In any case, the doctor kept glowing about how beautiful she was! She is a big girl too! Her head now measures 17.5" (60th percentile). Her weight is 20 lbs. (75th percentile) and her height is 28" (also 75th percentile). She is very proportional! I always thought she looked like she had short legs compared to the rest of her body. Now they look long like the rest of her body!

As you will see in the pictures for this month a few things have changed. First, I can't find hair bows for her. She has gotten too smart and takes the headbands off. Yet, she hasn't got enough hair for clips in her hair! I have ordered some snap clip hair bows that we will be trying out soon. I ordered them from an online store called etsy. If you have not ever been there, you should check it out. It is a shop that is made up of sellers that sell handmade items. You can get boutique like items for sometimes a lot less! Just check it out at! The second change is the quality of picture. I have mentioned in the past that I got the idea to take a monthly picture in the same chair each time from my SIL, Jenny. I seem to recall her reaching this point in her pictures as well. Jesstine LOVES posing for the camera, but her attention span and posing duration have become a lot shorter lately! Most of the shots I got of her this time are of her slumped down because she is squirmy.
Well, we are off to see the big E tonight! There is a parents as teachers family night tonight and Elmo is supposed to make an appearance!

Here is the one I think is the best.

9 month picture

Squirm position 1.

Squirm position 2.
Okay, so we saw Elmo tonight. It was very cute. When I had Jesstine standing back a little way from him, she would smile and laugh. When she sat on his laugh she froze. I guess there is something wrong about an adult sized three year-old monster. Of course I forgot the camera. So as a consolation picture, I have included a picture of our soccer girl! We bought this onesie a for Babe B. a few weeks before she died. We thought we could make it less boyish, but even pink Adidas soccer shoes, pink socks and Adidas soccer ball. Put her in coach!

As always, we hope you are all doing well!

In Him,
Lacie, Stephen and Jesstine Hutchins

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Jenni said...

She looks like SUCH a big girl in the chair now. Much less baby, much more toddler-bound! I need to see her SOON!!!!!