Saturday, February 14, 2009

Introducing, Babe B. Dumpty!

Dumpty is a pillow doll that Stephen and his brother had when they were little boys. (Sorry if the term doll is too girly, but this post is about Jesstine, so it is being called a doll!) When Seth's kids were both born, Sandra located a company that started making them and selling them again. So, she made it her mission to get one for each of her grandchildren. When we discovered we were pregnant with Babe B., Sandra quickly purchased a Baby Dumpty for her (yellow because we didn't know she was a girl until she was born). Dumpty kind of became a place holder for Babe B. until she got her. We found Dumpty in Babe B.'s car seat and many other interesting places that we thought Babe B. would soon inhabit. When Babe B. died, Dumpty quickly became a stand in. I didn't let Dumpty go. She slept in our bed. I took her to Babe B.'s funeral even. We quickly decided that since Dumpty would likely have been passed down to the next baby by Babe B., we would re-name her Babe B. Dumpty (instead of Baby Dumpty) and she would be our next child's first stuffed toy. It would also help us to talk to our children about their sister who is already in Heaven. Dumpty was there through my whole pregnancy. She was a belly wedge for a little while. She even went on my first trip out of the US (on our cruise). She even made friends with the concierge (see earlier posts). Well, when Jesstine came along, we quickly introduced her to Dumpty. She really didn't seem to notice at first. This week, I re-introduced them. As you can see by the pictures, it was a big success!
She quickly took Dumpty into a bear hug and kissed her. She loves to play with Dumpty's hair (of which she only has two left, she had three to begin with) and she has been studying Dumpty's face wondering why she can't wrap her fingers around the eyes as well. Her you are seeing a loving, tooth filled kiss!
I know you aren't supposed to put thinks in a baby's crib until they are 12 months old. I only do it with things that I know she won't suffocate with and during the day when I can keep a close eye on her. She was refusing to take her afternoon nap, so Dumpty came to the rescue and I quickly found her like this! You can't see her face, but she is actually asleep. Note: No, we do not lay her in her bed diagonally. She is always in a different position when we find her! Sometimes with her head at the opposite end of the bed.

And last, but certainly not least, here she is after her nap. She has both of her buddies right next to her and is a happy, rested baby thanks to their help!

In Him,

Lacie, Stephen and Jesstine

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