Saturday, February 7, 2009

Another Prayer Request

Yup, another one! I know how powerful prayer is though! I figure it sure can't help to use every avenue I know of to ask people to pray with me! This one is another that hits so close to home.

I have a very dear friend that I met last summer (2007). I met her through Agape'Care Cradle, the organization that helped us in many ways with Babe B.'s arrangements and such. Last summer we were asked to give an interview about Agape'Care Cradle just two months after losing Babe B. While we were there, we met this couple and I could tell just by looking at the woman that we would get a long very well. (I actually remember seeing her at Babe B.'s funeral and wondering who she was. There were a LOT of people there and I was not in the frame of mind to recognize some of them!) As we were waiting outside for our interview, we struck up a conversation. Through the course of it, we talked about our babies (who were the reason we were there). She had a little girl in March and was actually due in July. Babe B. was born on her due date. We kept in touch after that day and we really hit it off. Our husbands even seemed to have a lot in common. She was such a blessing when I needed one the most. I didn't have anyone that I really knew that I could talk to about the feelings and emotions I was experiencing through the loss of my child. She knew exactly what I was going through. Even through the midst of her own grief, she was there for ME! Someone she hardly knew! She was such a key component to my healing. (You never fully heal from the loss of a child. You just heal enough to get you through each day. This is especially true at the very beginning.) Later that year, we both discovered that we were expecting again! Even better we were only days apart! We had prayed for this since the day we met! Stephen and I went on a cruise in March when my friend and I were about 16-17 weeks along in our pregnancies. When we were delayed in Memphis, I was able to read my email for the first time in a week. We got an email saying she had just found out she was having a boy! By the time we got home there was an urgent message on my phone from her. She had gone into premature labor at 17 weeks and lost Thomas. I was heartbroken! Not nearly as much as she and her family, but I was still shocked and heartbroken. How could this happen to her two times in a row? I supported her the best I could without being a constant reminder of what she didn't get to have. She was very supportive when Jesstine was finally here! She really has a special place in her heart for Jesstine. In October, she called me and told me that she was expecting again! The amazing thing was they were given very little hope of conceiving on their own and without serious infertility treatments. We were so overjoyed and started praying fervently that this pregnancy would go to term or at least to a point where the baby would make it! I have been following up with her for the last several months. She had a procedure done to tie her cervix up at about 14 weeks so that she would decrease the chance of the same thing happening again.

Okay, so my whole point of telling you this is because I have GREATLY concerned! We have been keeping in contact every few weeks. She has pretty much stayed in bed except for going to doctors appointments and getting up to go to the bathroom and such. I have been meaning to bring Jesstine over to say hello and to give her some joy while she is stuck in bed. I called twice this week and have not heard back. I am just so worried! I feel like if something were seriously wrong, she would have called and told me. Yet, if she was still in the midst of it all, it may take a while and be well after the fact before I heard from her again. I am hoping that she reached a point where the doctor just said, "Okay, we are getting close and we just want to monitor you VERY closely, so we are putting you in the hospital to make sure we get this baby here." Regardless, I would appreciate it if you would pray for this special person and her unborn (or born for all I know) child. As I mentioned, she was so supportive and such a gift to me! I want so much for her to finally have that little child she desires so much! I want so much for her to never have to go through the tremendous heart break of losing a child ever again, especially this, her third child in a row! Please pray that God will send his love and surround her with it. Pray that he will protect her and her unborn child until they reach a point where the child WILL survive if born early! Ideally, we would like for her to reach term, but if that isn't in the cards we will understand! I will have to understand no matter what the outcome. If you know of anyone you can ask to pray on her behalf, please do! You don't know her, but we are all God's children. She is such a wonderful person as you can see from my description above. I have not used her name because I have not been given permission to do so. Just pray for Lacie's friend who is having a complicated pregnancy! Thank you SO much!

In Him,
Lacie, Stephen and Jesstine

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