Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Daddy's update

Well, it has been far too long without me getting an opportunity to update this blog. So I'm taking advantage of Mommy's fatigue to get in my own 2 cents.

Jesstine is simply the cutest baby I have ever seen. You can say that I'm biased, and you would be speaking truly. However, being biased doesn't mean I'm wrong. Just look at her! I'm sure you agree.

On the left here you can view Jesstine as she contemplates how to solve the world's problems. She was anxious to start in on Darfur, Tibet, and Islamic terrorism, but we convinced her to start with learning how to poop and pee without crying. Those are going to be essential skills no matter what line of work she ends up in.

Speaking of, we're confident that little Jesstine is going to knock 'em dead at our old alma mater. When the dean heard about her birth, he donated this little outfit along with a letter of admission (and full scholarship, of course). It's also possible that the lack of sleep we've experienced has deluded my thinking to the point that I just imagined all that, but then I've still got the picture, and where else could that outfit have come from?

Finally, I want to leave you with some pictures of my girls. There has been a lot of debate concerning just who Jesstine most closely resembles. I honestly do not know how this "controversy" started. Jesstine is a slam-dunk genetic replica of her Mommy. There is no debate. I don't even need to provide an argument other than these pictures. One is of Jesstine. Another is of Lacie when she was just two weeks old. The final picture shows just how far the apple has fallen from the tree (if at all!). I leave the decision to you, the jury. The prosecution rests.



The Woodards said...
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The Woodards said...

OK, Leann told me revise my first comment, so here is the 2nd try. Remember to let Jesstine know that sometimes it is ok to cry when you poop. I still do sometimes!

Jenni said...

Love your contribution, Daddy! Also, please, please add the picture of you and her at the hospital (your Daddy-pride face in priceless). She is gorgeous and I feel like she wants to come visit me today. See you soon:>!

Jammie said...

Daddy post was great. She does look like Lacie in that picture. She's even better looking in person. I'll be there for the open house and I'll try to bring grandma too.