Tuesday, August 12, 2008


We had our follow-up appointment today with the doctor. He seemed very glad that we had made it to week 38. He also went over the test results from last Friday and what they meant. He feels confident that Jesstine will be ready this week. He has decided to induce on August 14! That will be Thursday. It is also the day before my birthday. It gives me a goal! I feel like this pregnancy has been full of goals. I am so full of many different emotions right now! I really am excited about having Jesstine! It seems like it is finally going to happen! I am so excited to share my life with this little person who is some of me and some of my wonderful husband! I am excited to dress her in pretty dresses and show her the world! Yet, I also know that it is still a couple of days away and I am so anxious that something is going to go wrong. All I have is a bad experience with pregnancy and birth! I haven't had the joy! I want it so bad! I for some reason just can't let myself go and trust that it is going to happen. After Friday, I knew that God wanted me to trust Him and I haven't been. I want to. I am still working on that!

In any case, here is the picture that I promised in the last blog! This is of Noah, my wonderful, smart, amazing nephew! He came all the way to Wichita this weekend to see baby Jesstine. Unfortunately, he didn't get to see anything but my big belly! Oh, and here is his equally wonderful brother Ian. He still is confused about where exactly Baby Jesstine is. We have video of him lifting my shirt to see her! CUTE!

Oh, and here is the last time you will see me pregnant for a while! Hopefully I will lose all 30 lbs. I have put on in the last 9 months! Enjoy it while it lasts! The next picture will be of a beautiful baby!
In Him,
Lacie, Stephen and Jesstine

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