Saturday, January 26, 2008

Daddy in Training

This deserves an introduction. I have craved McDonald's chicken nuggets a few times since getting pregnant. So, I just order the kid's meal with six piece nuggets. Everyone likes the toys right? Well, the toys were sitting in my living room by my chair. While we were watching TV and commercials were on, Stephen found them and this is what happened. I call it "Daddy in Training" because he is practicing to be a daddy. Needless to say, our child will never be deprived of entertainment so long as Daddy is around! So, now without further adieu....I present The Dancing Bears! *cheer, cheer*


Judy said...

Lacie, that was cute. I bet Stephen will be a great Dad.

Tracy & Cheri said...

Why does that NOT surprise me! Oh Herm, what you have to look forward to :)