Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

This was two years ago. She slept through the car ride there and then again on the ride home. We woke her up enough to get a smile and that was it!
We didn't go to the pumpkin patch last year because she wasn't really walking well yet and I didn't know if she would enjoy it or not. This year was a WHOLE different story! I knew she would enjoy it and I knew she was old enough! To make it better, she was old enough that we didn't have to pay AS much! So, here are this year's pictures of our trip to the pumpkin patch.

We had to get gas on the way so here she is blending in with her car seat!

Her first hay rack ride. This was the way to get to the pumpkin patch.

As a part of it, they let us feed the goats.

Some of the goats were just a week old (the larger one on the blue steps in the middle). The smaller ones were just a day old! They were so cute! They mostly just slept though!

It didn't take Jesstine long to find the pumpkin she wanted. It was the first one that she could successfully pick up and carry! Believe me, she tried many others!

Here was the one she picked first. Later this one became mine and she found a slightly smaller one that she painted at home later.

Of course they had the pictures with the faces cut out!

Here we are together!

Ready to get back on the hay rack ride and hit the straw bale maze!

On the ride back it became very apparent that she was starting to get tired. What you can't see in this picture is that she is holding on to her pumpkin in her lap for dear life!

Strolling by the straw bale maze with her daddy!

Straw bale maze.

She was contemplating the slide. We were talking about whether she was big enough or not to go by herself or if I would have to go with her.

Just after that, she started to walk backwards and work her way back down to the ground level! I guess that answered our question.

They even had a cowcar train.

Once again we had to decide whether or not she would sit through it. And once again she decided for us! She sat for a picture and then wanted out!
We brought the pumpkins home and she went straight to bed! It was the first time in months that she was able to go down for a nap without one of us lying in bed with her! After her nap, we had a snack and watched Toy Story. Then it was time to paint the pumpkins! Pictures on that to come!!!
In Him,

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