Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer Stuff

Here is just some random stuff from the last few weeks.

Last week, my sister and her family came to stay with us. Stephen and I watched Charis for her while she and my brother-in-law went out on a date. Here are some of the things they were up to.

Jesstine thought that Dumpty needed a nap. What nap is complete for your Egg Pillow Doll without a soccer ball, ladybug bag, bead necklaces, raccoon, and two babies. I had to remove the pillow to the right to even find Dumpty!

Here are the girls playing on the slide!
Charis really liked these "gamer chairs." She pulled the blanket up over her. Her daddy is going to LOVE this picture because she it is a Cowboys blanket she is cuddling under!

One of her favorite toys while she was here.

A few days later, my other sister was in town. She was headed to a movie with her father-in-law, husband and older son. So, I agreed to watch Luke, her youngest, until the movie was over.
Swimming in the pool.

The next day was playgroup at church. Jesstine really had fun! There were several vehicles that she liked riding. This is a newer version of the "big wheel." There is a picture of Stephen at about this age or slightly older in a similar pose on his big wheel.
This last week was Jesstine's BFF (such as it is at the age of almost 2), Kylie's, second birthday. When Kylie's grandparents came into town, we all went to the zoo. Here are the photos:

Kylie's aunt, Stacey, was the spotter for this pose.

A few days later was Kylie's birthday party. Another PAT's playgroup friend, Lila, attended as well. Jesstine as always was SO into the sprinklers. The other girls were not into them so much.

LtoRT: Jesstine, Kylie, and Lila.

Some other miscellaneous pictures from the last few weeks:

Jesstine has become somewhat of a Linus lately. She likes to carry around the things she can't sleep without, her green blanket, Dumpty and raccoon. This particular day, I turned her blanket into a cape.
Stephen and I finally managed to go out on an overnight trip without Jesstine!! We attended the Manchester United vs. KC Wizards game at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City.

This was the Skelly building down on the Plaza. Stephen had to take a picture for his brother and sister-in-law.

Our appetizer at our FAVORITE KC BBQ place.

5 min. later!

Okay, so I know you are probably thinking, "Why are you showing me a picture of a smoker????" Well, we were seated in a booth next to windows that looked into the kitchen. The head cook noticed that we had been looking in the window. He invited us back after our meal so we could get a peek at the smokers where they smoked all of their meat. It was very enlightening and I am interested to see what the next brisket has in store for us!!!

Last but not least, Jesstine was playing with her dollhouse today. I looked up to see this and I think this may be an indication of why potty training isn't happening just yet! LOL! It actually just made me laugh and I needed to share it with everyone! She is such a cute, funny, wonderful girl and I think our trip was harder on us than it was on her!
Until next post....
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