Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Letters and Colors

At just 20.5 months of age, we have a smart girl on our hands! She has really been absorbing a lot of information lately! She forms her own sentences using words and phrases she has learned from us. Perhaps the most astonishing thing to me is that a 20.5 month-old can learn letters and sounds of letters!!! Our little girl knows 13+ letters and of those she knows the sounds for 8 of them (I added the + because I am sure she knows the others, but she is not really forthcoming when I quiz her on them unless I do it at random times and even then I am not so sure). Here is a list of the letters our girl knows, the * marks the letters she knows the sounds for: B,E,G,I*,J*,L,M*,N*,O,P*,S*,T*,X*. (Note that all of the letters in her first name are included in this list!) No, this was not done by "brainwashing." I was given a DVD called LeapFrog: Letter Factory as a shower gift for Jesstine just after she was born. It is SO cool! She LOVES it! She asks for it on a daily basis and often more than one time a day! If you are trying to teach your son/daughter letters and/or sounds of letters, this is the way to go! She has only been watching it for a little over a week! She did know maybe 4-5 letters to begin with, but that is beside the point!

I am also proud to say that she knows at least 4-5 colors!

Next stop: Shapes!!!! Followed closely by complex Algebraic Equations!!! (Grandmom, Daddy or Uncle Seth, I may need your help on this one!!!)

So proud of my girl! I am SO amazed at what God has blessed me with in such a beautiful, fun, smart and sweet little girl. I guess this is somewhat a silver lining to the loss of Babe B. Jesstine can NEVER replace her and often times I grieve at what I get to experience with Jesstine that I didn't with Babe B. But I am SO thankful for Jesstine! She is such a joy!

In Him,
Lacie Hutchins

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