Saturday, May 8, 2010

Conversations with a 21 month-old Who Thinks She is 4

Tonight I put Jesstine in bed just before 8. At around 8:20, she started to whimper (after a LOT of talking). I went in at about 8:25 and here is the conversation that followed:

Me: "What's the matter?"
J: "Hi Mama!!!! Bonked head."
Me: "Maybe if you were trying to go to sleep instead of playing you wouldn't have bonked your head. Lay down. It's time to go to sleep."
J: "Time to get up!!!!"
Me: "No, it is time to sleep."
J: "Already nap."
Me: "I know, but it is bedtime now. It is nighttime. I bet if you looked outside you would see the moon."
J: "Outside."
Me: "No, time to go to sleep."
J: "Gi up dogs! Time to get up! Go docks, go!"
Me: "No. Now it is night! Night is time for sleep. All the dogs go to sleep."
J: "Hi Mama!!!!"

At this point I quickly put her in bed, said goodnight and relayed the conversation to my husband and laughed a LOT!! Then I called my mother-in-love and told her about it!

It still amazes me how much Jesstine knows at this point! She is learning more letters and sounds of letters as well as her colors! She surprises me everyday! Is this normal or is she really almost 2 going on 4????

In Him,

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