Sunday, April 4, 2010


It was a WONDERFUL weekend! We really enjoyed relaxing and having family time! To top it all off, JESSTINE PEEPEED IN THE POTTY!! WOOO HOO!! Here is a little photo montage to show you the fun we had!

Can you see the pony tail?!
Easter morning. She is looking at her Easter basket! She saw it as soon as she woke up! We heard her stir and then she said "MICKEY!! BOB!! BOOKSHer Easter basket! Her favorite and the first thing she picked up was her new sunglasses She had to wear them as she looked at everything else! Her "NimNims." More candy! I made the box to re-use each year. I am thinking I may have to re-do it because it almost didn't come open! Mickey and Minnie together at last! (She already had Minnie. Mickey came in her basket.) Her Easter best!
What Easter would be complete without her favorite EGG pillow doll?!
Wearing her new "Pincess Ana" shirt. She really liked the movie. Found this on clearance and of course she loved it!
Egg hunt at Grandmom's.

A little video of her egg hunting.
We have tried really hard to focus on the true meaning behind Easter. She really doesn't understand yet, but we are hoping that one day she will. We have refrained from talking about the Easter bunny and prefer to talk about the Easter basket as a way to celebrate the true meaning behind the holiday. Today is the day to remember that Jesus, God as a human here on Earth, rose from death to provide eternal life for us all! I thank God every day for the sacrifice He made so that someday in Heaven, I can see those loved ones who have gone before me. I WILL get to see my Babe B. again because Jesus died on a cross and rose from the dead!
Hope your Easter holiday was joyous!
In Him,

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