Friday, April 30, 2010

Bedding, Randomness, and Dollhouses-Life with Jesstine

This post is about a little of everything! I haven't posted in a while and haven't cleared the pictures from the camera in a while so this is what you get! Hopefully you will enjoy it!

So, Jesstine and I have taken up Garage Saling (word???) of late. She gets very frustrated if we go out to look at garage sales and don't stop. OR when we stop and don't buy anything! I have had some great finds including a little canvas fold up chair for her for a mere $3. This weeks find was perhaps the greatest of all! From the time I met my sister-in-love who introduced me to Pottery Barn, I have DREAMED through the catalog at the little girl bedding! It was all FAR too expensive for me to even imagine having it for any of my children some day. But, as they say in the movie Cinderella (which I have seen over twenty times in the last two weeks because Jesstine LOVES "Pincess Gella), dreams do come true if you just believe. Well, I don't know how much believing I did, but my dreams came true! I found an entire bedding set for $95!!!!! I know we won't use it right away as Jesstine is still in a crib. But when she moves to a bigger bed, she will be moving to a twin sized bed instead of a toddler bed. So, here is what it looks like:

Isn't it girly gorgeous???!!!!!
Now, for the Randomness!! These are just a few photos I found on the camera that I hadn't cleared off yet. Nothing really exciting, but at least they have a beautiful subject!!!!
One day, Jesstine got a wild hair after nap and decided she wanted to wear her swimming suit even though I told her we weren't going swimming! She added the hat for the whole ensemble!

My cousin got married and Stephen and Jesstine didn't come to the reception, so I brought some cake home for them. She eats it just like she did on her first birthday; very carefully and icing first!

Her favorite pastime: Reading! Oh, and wearing Mommy's hats!

Ready to go. Don't know where we were going, but she once again felt the need to wear a hat; this time her own!
And lastly, the Dollhouse!!! My sister had a dollhouse from when she was little. She has kept it in hopes that she could share it with a little girl of her own someday! Well, in the mean time, she has agreed to let Jesstine use it. She could not have chosen a better girl to loan it to! I put all of the "pieces" in the dishwasher to clean them quickly and hosed the house down during one of Jesstine's naps. As I was detail cleaning the doll house, Jesstine played for about half an hour with the pieces! It was SO cute! "Baby eat?! Baby swing? Nigh, Nigh Baby!" Then she was overjoyed as soon as the house itself was ready for her to break in! To top things off, our neighbor has been offloading toys on us that her kids have outgrown. We have had a lot of fun with most of what she has brought over. She notices me posting about the dollhouse on Facebook. Her daughter (now 16) gave Jesstine a TON of other pieces on the condition that she was allowed to come play with the dollhouse with Jesstine! Too cute! So, that night I set all of the new pieces up in the dollhouse. Within 5 min., nothing was where I had set it up for her! Here is some of her handy work in photos!

Before! Notice all of the accessories. The neighbors gave us about twice as many pieces as we started out with. This house has EVERYTHING!

Front complete with double babyswing, car and pool!

Oh, and cant forget the horse and horse stable (which belonged to my sister and she said it was her FAVORITE part).

And after Jesstine woke up, this was how it looked!!!

Can you tell she enjoyed herself?!
This has been another edition of : Life with Jesstine!!
In Him,

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