Saturday, October 31, 2009


I didn't think that I would be doing much for Halloween this year. Jesstine is only 14 months old and can't really eat much of the candy given out. I tried hard to find a simple costume that didn't cost too much. Stephen is not a big fan of Halloween, so I didn't feel right spending a lot of money on a costume for her especially since she is too young to really care....or so I THOUGHT! This kid (like most) LOVES candy! It quickly became apparent that she really liked getting dressed up and getting candy from people so she could put it in her bucket. It also quickly became apparent that I wasn't going to get many good pictures of her because she is SO wiggly! Here is what we came up with. She was as cute as a bug!

This was right before our first Trick-or-Treat event. When I was a kid, we went trick-or-treating ON Halloween. Not several times the week of Halloween! Well, I guess it is kind of a good thing that we had more than one opportunity since her costume was so cute! She decided to read a little before we left.

More reading.

Our first activity was with the Maize Parents As Teachers (PAT) group. We went to a local (3 mins. from our house) nursing home for some storytime, singing, and of course candy! The residents handed out candy after the stories and singing. This is her friend Remi. I think she is 2. We see her in music class each week.

Listening to a story.

My mom graciously watched Jesstine a LOT this week while we were trying to find a vehicle to replace Stephen's car (see later post). Jesstine picked out a thank you balloon for her. I think Jesstine liked it so much that Mom left it for Jesstine. We found a fun way to put it on her push toy. She wouldn't stand still in the Ladybug costume, but she is a ham in this picture.

She has really improved on her walking. It looks so effortless behind this toy! She had so much fun with that balloon!

This was taken at our church's trunk-or-treat. She had recently finished some chocolate. The necklace was a treat from one of the trunks that was decorated as a treasure chest. Can you tell she liked all of the hubbub?

Yes, that is a roll of toilet paper in my dad's hands! My folks had a fake outhouse in the back of their truck. The kids had to throw a roll of toilet paper (do a trick) to get their treats. No doubt one of the best pictures of the evening!

That is until we got this one. It would look pretty common place if Jesstine were a REAL ladybug! Such a cute picture! A good conversation piece for when boys try to date her!

After the church event, we decided to hit a few houses on the cul-de-sac. The next day was daylight savings time, so we tried to stretch her bedtime to try and adjust it to take care of the time change. This is one of our beloved neighbors! They have made it to Jesstine's birthday and have been SO supportive and loving to Jesstine. The little boy is a little guy that they adopted and has autism. He is so sweet! This was right before he asked Jesstine, "Do you know my name?" It was so cute!
This was the last house we went to. Just a really cute photo opportunity! I had to call out to Stephen to get a picture.
Overall it was a fun holiday for a girl who really could care less about Halloween! She was such a trooper all week while Mommy and Daddy were car shopping. I think she was just so happy to be spending time with us for a while without interruptions.
Be looking for the car post next!
In Him,
Lacie, Stephen, and Jesstine

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