Sunday, June 14, 2009

10 Months Old!

Well, we have reached the 10 month mark! Jesstine is growing oh so fast! Not only that but, she is mobile!!!! She seems to have been doing a few things within the last day or two that seemed to take her forever to figure out. She is now crawling on her hands and knees. She only started to REALLY do that yesterday. She has also started to pull herself up to her knees to get to things. She can sit up from a crawling position (to Grandmom's delight), but you have to catch her doing it. She turns pages in her books (of which her favorites are either Elmo or the touch and feel books). She is just getting so big. We are still working on trying more and more finger foods. Last night my mom came over to eat some steak with us and then watch Jesstine while we went to a movie. Jesstine sat at the table with us and had some zucchini. She ate it up! So we gave her some mashed potatoes and she LOVED that! You can tell in the pictures below that most of it ended up on her face instead of in her mouth! She had a rough night last night with us gone. I think she is finally old enough to KNOW that Mommy and Daddy are gone. She cried and wouldn't take her bottle at bedtime. She didn't go to sleep until 9:15 (she is usually out at 7:45 if not just a little afterward). She woke up several times during the night and fussed for a few minutes then went back to sleep. She was up ready to go at 7. She has been pretty cranky today. Anyhow, on to the pictures! Here are just a few from the last day or two, plus the important 10 month picture!
This is a mashed potato face! She has been experimenting with silverware also. It usually ends up on the floor not too long after she gets them, but she likes to hold on to something while she is eating.
Here she is on her knees with one of her favorite toys. Any new mom's out there: this is the BEST toy for kids 6 months and older! It is an Incrediblock. You can either get a used one at a consignment store or on ebay or you can go online to and get one. I think they are only available around Christmas time though.

This is just a close up I took of her after I got the 10 month picture out of the way. You can kind of see a little bow on her head. I have FINALLY found a way to keep bows in her hair! She got too smart for headbands. They are handmade from a site called etsy and are constructed using a baby snap clip! They are SUPER cute! Most of the time they stay in even in the smallest amount of hair and as long as they aren't to heavy. She has a bigger white one that falls out pretty easily.

And last but certainly not least, the 10 month picture. Believe it or not this was the first picture that I took. She got too wiggly after that!
As always we hope that all of you are well! Stay tuned for more pictures! She does something new everyday it seems like! Hopefully we can catch some of it on camera for your viewing pleasure. Happy Father's day to all you daddy's out there!
In Him,
Lacie, Stephen and Jesstine Hutchins

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