Saturday, January 3, 2009

Solid Foods

Okay, so this goes out to all of the people who read my blog and have experience raising children. I will certainly check with Jesstine's doctor to be sure, but thought I would see if her followers would be my sounding board in the meantime. Here it goes:

I started Jesstine on Rice cereal almost two weeks ago. At first she would only eat a few teaspoons and didn't seem interested. She is up to where she will eat up to three tablespoons! I was feeding her in the morning first thing and then at night before bed. She just seemed that hungry. Before introducing rice cereal, she would be hungry again just an hour after her morning bottle. At first she drank the same amount of formula for the day (with one feeding of rice cereal for the day). Lately (the last three days), we are doing good if she will eat 5 ounces and that only happens for about one bottle a day! The rest are anywhere from 3-4. Before rice cereal she was eating 6 ounces and was ready to move to 7. Should I be worried that she isn't eating as much formula? Is this just a normal thing when they start to eat solid food? I am going to back off to one feeding a day, probably at night, and see if that makes any difference. Like I said, I will also call her doctor on Monday, but wanted to see what you all had to say about it in the meantime.

Please post a comment if you can remember what it was like for your own children. It may be too specific to remember.

Lacie, Stephen and Jesstine Hutchins

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Anonymous said...

Here is an awesome page that has a guideline for solids from 4-6months. and even a suggested timeline in a chart:

At 4months, the point of rice cereal is really just to get the baby used to eating solid foods...not to provide nutrition. The rice cereal itself is mostly just empty calories/starch...all her nutrients still come from formula. So she'll need to maintain her formula intake. :)

Hope that was helpful!