Saturday, December 20, 2008

Gonna Get Dressed, Gonna See Santa

This is what I have sang (or should it be sung????) to Jesstine on three different occasions! Today we FINALLY were able to see Santa, only to get a mediocre picture. She was very good. Not at all fussy like many other kids we saw there. She just can't seem to look anywhere but to her left! It is uncanny! I noted that in a caption for a picture in the last post! Stephen's maternal grandfather was always photographed looking in a different direction than the camera. Perhaps that is where she gets it! I did take a photo of her at home in case the Santa visit never happened. Next year I will be in search of a great Santa who is not a mall Santa. 1.) You never know what kind of Santa you are going to get. (This one kind of smelled of smoke and another that we attempted to see was out sick)! 2.) You never know if the mall Santa will be there or not (see last comment)! I would LOVE to find an authentic Santa. Maybe we will have to travel to Aunt Jenni and Uncle Seth's house next year to visit THEIR Santa! Anyhow, without further she is! Oh, I threw in a picture of her in the Bumbo seat to show you how much progress she is making on her neck strength. Our therapist continues to be amazed. She really is doing great! Before, I would sit her in the Bumbo and she would automatically slump to one side or let her head fall against the back. Now she even plays with toys in it!

Sitting up in Bumbo!
In case we didn't get to see Santa!
Great-Granddad pose....with Santa!
(Stephen calls him the emaciated/hippie Santa!)
Merry Christmas!
Lacie, Stephen and Jesstine Hutchins


The Woodards said...

Your Santa looked drunk! Good thing he didn't drop Jesstine.

Jenni said...

That it quite the Santa--he definitely looks like he just took Rudolph to Woodstock for a little more than egg nog. At least Great Granddad's girl is looking gorgeous as ALWAYS!